Friday, February 17, 2012

EQ7 -Just playing

Electric Quilt 7 has some features I have not seen before.  Of course, I am the type that opens a program with no fear and goes through the menus saying "what does this do?"  And then of course I try it to see.
In the block drawing/editing section, I found something on the menu that says "Serendipity."
Well ladies and gents, that was something I had to try.
Here are two quilt layouts using block settings from this experiment.

I am not sure I could ever make these...but they are certainly fun to design an look at.
Now back to playing!
Tomorrow I have to go get my taxes done (ugh!) and do some errands.   I hope to get back to sewing on the "Eye-llusion" quilt.
Y'all have a great weekend - and I hope you are getting a long weekend for President's day.


Snoodles said...

Oh, you are so brave! I am always terrified to click or punch or anything, unless I know what it will do! LOL Awesome designs!

Barb said...

I guess I should say I am alot like you....I don't mind pushing buttons at all and sometimes it gets me in trouble but it looks like you have made some amazing designs.

Unknown said...

Oh - My - Word!!! I love those quilts! Especially the top one!!! I think I need to get a lot more quilting experience before I could try something like that, though! :o)

Pat said...

What fun designs!!! I Know I'd never be able to make those, you said..they are fun to make on EQ and to see!