Monday, February 13, 2012

Eye-llusion - Take 2

or -from concept to execution.
After playing in EQ, I had to get my hands on some real fabric and put my foot on the pedal of the sewing machine.  I just had to!
I got out my GO! and cut enough 'triangle in a square' and 'half square triangles' to make three blocks.  Ahh, then I started sewing. I got those sewn pretty fast. Then I had to cut all the other squares. That involved ironing some yardage of fabric. ***I love my Velocity iron that I got for Christmas***
I cut the squares with my rotary cutter on the new mat.  WOW a new mat and a fresh blade work wonders for rotary cutting!

Laying out one of those whomping big 15" blocks  sounded like a good idea just to get an idea -and make sure I put it together according to plan!

Oh my goodness! that is a total of 25 pieces to sew together.  The center 9 patch doesn't freak me out at all...but then I have to sew the outer rows on. First a set of three on each end, then a set of five on each side.  Arrgh..and try to make all those corners match neatly???   Now I have scared myself!  And to top it off, it doesn't seem to have that magic optical illusion just yet.

Suggestions anyone?
P.S.  I hate pinning, but that may be the only way to make it work out.


Barb said...

First of all Gene, that is going to be one gorgeous quilt. I love the colors you have chose but you know, I would have to be there getting my hands dirty to help you. I want to do this square....

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

you have 25 squares in a block so why don't you just sew it across as 5 rows with seams in opposing directions on each rown instead of doing the center as a unit and adding on.

Eat Sleep Quilt said...

Love that square! But you'll need a few more before you see the "illusion" :o)

Anonymous said...

no i never pin. but i don't use the machine so i don't know how that might smush out the fabric so that you'd have hand i can ease it in the make sure the points turn out pointy. if that's what you're asking.

love it gene. i'm cheering you on from here.

Rhonda said...

I'd sew the block together by rows and I think that the illusion will be revealed after you make several blocks.
I'd suggest that you take a photo of one 15 inch block, load that onto your EQ and duplicate it to see the design better.

Royce said...

I too hate pins and sometimes use glue. There is a brand just for such things called Lapel Stick - I won several from the Quilt Rats blog - they are pretty handy little things I must say. I love the block and can't wait to see several of them together.

Unknown said...

First of all, it sounds like you got a lot of new "toys" for Christmas!!! As far as your block goes, I think it looks awesome and you should just jump in and get 'er done! Don't over-think it! Before you know it, your quilt will be done and you'll be able to stand back and look at it with pride, knowing it's something you created! Now go have some fun and get sewing!!! :)