Thursday, March 01, 2012

Bits and Pieces

My back decided to act up Thursday morning, so I made a visit to the chiropractor and got it  "whacked back into place."  However, that left me limited in what I could do for the evening.  I had been playing with digitizing a logo for my friend who carves Father Christmas figures.   I had done one test stitchout that I wasn't overly happy with.  So I sat gingerly in my chair and did some cleanup on the original image.  Then I used one of the three trial programs I am testing for digitizing embroidery.  (There is another way more expensive one that I want to try too!)
Anyway - here is the stitchout from the effort.  I think I like this one.

I could not get the branches as "spidery" as I wanted them, but at least this one looks pretty good.

I also looked at some pictures from a past vacation.  This one had been lost in the shuffle.  Although it is a tile mosaic wall, when I saw it all I could think was "Crazy Quilt."
I am wondering if I can semi-follow the design and make a lap quilt.  LOL, talk about making it up as you go!


Rhonda said...

Whittler's tree looks great.

Regina said...

Hope your back is better. Love what you came up with and the crazy quilt idea is fantastic!

Snoodles said...

The tree looks very good....we have a new division of our company that uses a stylized tree for the logo. It's difficult to get what you see in your head to appear on the pc or on paper! Love the crazy quilt inspiration.

Barb said...

Your post are not showing up in my reader....

I love the glass, it is wonderful and very inspiring...There is so much I want to do out little time.