Saturday, April 21, 2012

Colonial Needle Blog Hop Winners

The Random number generator was used to pick the two prize winners.   I have been "patient sitting" with a friend who had some ankle surgery so I did it quickly and didn't even think about capturing the images of the random numbers.
Anyway ------DRUMROLL----------

The Winner of the first prize package

(the Big one!) is  Sallie

I would be happy with either prize! Thank you! I just saw 2 deer out my window and that made me happy!

I usually just see dogs and squirrels and traffic out my window.  Thanks Sallie, you did make me smile.

The second winner of the prize package -
 the one with a bookmark I made is  Seeing Stars

Gene, I'd be thrilled with either prize! It's always fun to try new tools. I was given a needlebook as a gift once, but alas those old habits ... I still use the needle stuck through a piece of fabric most of the time.
I had to laugh about the comment about not using the needlebook.  Funny thing, I titled a post "Seeing Stars"  - I wonder if I saw her "name" and subconsciously used it for the title of the post.   The real surprise was when I contacted her and found out she is in Alabama also.  
Ladies, your prizes will be in the mail as soon as I can get them posted. 

The blog hop is still going today and tomorrow at 
Saturday, April 21 – Love Affair with my Brother
Sunday, April 22 – Catpatches

I do believe both of them will have something to give away.

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