Saturday, May 12, 2012

Quilted in Pieces

I am working on the Tumble 4 Ya quilt again.  I have now quilted all three sections.  Here is the layout with all the Tumblers together.  The blue lines are where the joining strips will be.
Then if you turn this over, here is the other side.  I find it hard to call it the back

This part was made with leftovers - bits left from other quilt projects, trimmings, etc.  I sometimes use test blocks in the pieced backing.  I think these are so fun and totally unexpected.  It is two, two, two quilts in one!
Of course while it is still in sections, I had to try flipping the middle section just to see how it would look.
Side one 

Side two. 
Now I just need to cut the joining strips, sew it all together and bind it.  

In other news, I was tired of sewing on my friend's dining room table when I am visiting.  It is a bit too high and makes my shoulders get tight too fast. So,  I ordered an Arrow Gidget sewing table to put at his house so I have a place to sew when I am visiting. This is a sturdy little table. 
Due to the bed height of this machine, I had to make a little alteration. I cut a piece of drywall (In the South we call it Sheetrock, which is a brand name - and yes we call all sodas "coke" because we are delightfully quirky! heeehee) 
I was thinking I might need to get an insert to fit the hole around the machine but I found out that I don't need it. It is perfect for me to sew and quilt on just like it is.  PLUS the table folds up and will slip under a bed or stand in a closet without taking up much room. 


Anonymous said...

Gene, you are so talented!

Sarah said...

I like the tumblers with the strips :)

Sarah said...

I mean ... stripes!

Barb said...

Love your table...just perfect!!! Hope your friend is recovering well.

Rhonda said...

The tumbler looks great. Thanks for the info about the sewing table. I don't think I've heard of that brand before. It looks like it would work great on retreats.... hehehehe!!!

Teresa Quilts said...

Love the table. Wish your mom a Happy Mother's Day for me.

Pat said...

Hey..guess what.....I say "sheetrock", too!!! :) I really need to try your method of quilting and assembling after the quilting is done...someday! Great idea to have that table. It is very hard on the back and shoulders if you aren't sewing at the right height.....and none of us needs to incur pains that can be avoided as we get enough of them on our own, don't we? LOL

Snoodles said...

Well, of course it's sheet rock, and they are all cokes, they're just different flavors! And "fixin'" means getting ready to do something, not repairing an item! Giggle! Great table - hope your friend is improving.

Kate Brown said...

Your quilt is coming along beautifully! You have created so many choices for it. I love the table too. Maybe i need one of those so i can get off the kitchen table. Maybe thats why my shoulders hurt!! HEHE