Saturday, May 26, 2012

Weekend Fun - Stamping Fabric

Last weekend I carved  a couple of stamps and made a video to show you how.  This weekend I finally got to stamp some fabric.  I think I "wasted" an hour doing this.  I have to say I love the results and will probably do more.  However, next time I will do an entire piece with one stamp.
So, how do you do this?
Gather the materials and tools:
Stamps - your own hand carved (preferred) or purchased stamps. I carve my own.
Paints that are made for textiles.  I got these Jacquard Textile paints in an "exciter" pack so I could try them and see if I like them. 
Photo taken AFTER use. The package makes a great
storage container. 

Cloth to stamp, this should be washed and pressed with steam only.  Do not use fabric softener  Do NOT starch it. The idea is to get the cloth clean and remove all sizing so the paint/dye will stay.  I bought some heavy muslin and washed and pressed it.
Something to apply the paint to the stamps.  You can use small foam brushes. Soft watercolor/acrylic paint brushs, or you could squeeze the paint onto a glass surface (a piece of window glass or a smooth ceramic floor tile) roll it out with a brayer and use that like a stamp pad.  I used the soft brush.
Oh yes, and if you are using several colors, you will need a vat of some kind to rinse the brushes in. (then dry them with paper towel so they don't dilute the paint.)  I had a paint bucket.  You can use an old coffee can or a disposable plastic cup.
You will also want to put down something to protect your surface.  I used cardboard.  You can put down newspaper (a few layers) or just work on a surface that you don't mind getting paint on. You may want to put something on the floor too.  Accidents can happen and the paint will wreck your carpet and may stain your other flooring.

Something to use as a paint palette to squeeze your paint onto. A foam disposable plate works well.  A paper plate will absorb the paint. A sheet of wax paper or freezer paper will work also.

Apply paint to the stamps, not too much, so have a "practice piece" to work on the first time.
Stamp it onto the fabric
And you have made your own fabric designs.

I can really see making a piece that is all leaves or maybe all trees. Here is a close-up of part of the leaf section.
Notice that you can combine colors on one stamp. This is a "try it and play" option . So again, use your practice piece.  Some practice pieces turn out as good at the planned piece.  So save it a few days and see if you like it.
The paint package says that these paints are permanent after heat setting.  So I will let this dry and then iron it, with a press cloth over it to set the paints.
I have no idea what I will just this fabric for just yet...but I will certainly use it in something.

I hope your weekend is fun and creative.

P.S.  If you are on a septic system, do not wash your brushes and tools in the sink, use a container and pour the water and paint residue outside.  The fine acrylic particles can clog your septic system.


Tangos Treasures said...

How cool!! I like it!!

Pat said...

Looks like a lot of fun!

Teresa Quilts said...

Thanks for sharing! It does look like fun! Reminds me of being a kid. :D

Marjorie said...

You are just getting me inspired to do something like this. I've had some soy wax in my cupboard for quite a while now. I wonder how it would be to use the soy wax on the stamp and then paint/dye the background. Wouldn't that be fun too?