Sunday, June 10, 2012

Accomplished on Saturday

Sometimes Saturday is really productive.  While this was not my most productive Saturday, I managed a couple of accomplishments.
I finished the backing for the Sailing Smoothly quilt AND see that blue "thing" beside it?
I have the binding cut and joined and on a roll ready to bind the quilt when I get it finished.

Then, while relaxing in the evening I did more hand stitching on the art piece.  It is pretty well finished as far as stitching goes. Now it needs a backing and an edge finish.  Not sure what I will do for that.  It may require a shopping trip to get some "rat tail" cord that is large enough to make the finish like Carol Waugh showed on The Quilt Show.  No pictures just yet, but you haven't seen the last of that one!

Color me happy.
How was your Saturday?

I always enjoy getting your comments. I can see that I am having lots more visitors than comments. Let me know you were here  ((grin))


BillieBee (billiemick) said...

I'm here....grin. You have been busy.

Pat said...

NO sewing (again) this weekend, but I did do a tiny bit of straightening up in my sewing area.....which was very desperately needed!

Unknown said...

Speaking of binding, I cut some biased binding for Fiona the Ogre Princess today using the method that you showed us on your video. Worked like a charm even for my backwardsy upsidedowny brain. Now just as soon as I get that "delivery" I'm "expecting" I'll be able to sew all those strips together!

Tangos Treasures said...

Nice!! I worked Saturday!?

Snoodles said...

I'm here...heehee! You caught me. LOL
I love your Kindle cover below, and you are so, so organized to wind up your binding till you are ready. Wowser! Or did Minnie handle that part for you?
I've been so busy, and I guess it won't stop any time soon. I've mentioned that I run two households....yesterday at MIL house we found a leaking AC unit and black mold growing in the nearby carpet. Panic! Cut out the carpet, moved furniture around, sprayed with bleach, etc. Going back today to work more. Can I have a nap? :)

Unknown said...

Very sewing for me, other than finishing up an ABC order. Working on my Smash book and the video.

Vesuviusmama said...

I was here! (grin)