Saturday, June 16, 2012

BQA-Block 2

BQA-Block2 by GeneBlack
BQA-Block2, a photo by GeneBlack on Flickr.
I am doing the Beginners Quilt along (it is not just for beginners, so feel free to join us.) This is the second block. Like the first it is a nine patch. However, this time each of the nine patches is a patch made from two strips. It is pretty easy.

I tried something new (to me) and daring on this one. I didn't press the rows prior to sewing them. I did press the 90 subsections though.
I found it interesting that the corner points were easier for me to nest this way. The one downfall I see is that a couple of my seams "twist" because of it. I am sure I can conquer that with a bit of practice and paying attention. I am really happy with the points though. I have "pressed, nested and pinned" with less perfect results.
I should tell you that I saw a video of someone (sorry but I forgot who it was) that confessed to not pressing. Her reasoning - "our grandmothers didn't run to press each section, they just kept sewing."  It sounded good to me. Ha ha.


Jennifer said...

Hi Gene
I really like those colors.

Teresa Quilts said...

I really like the way this looks, Gene. Great colors!

Sarah said...

Oooh I love that green fabric!

Barb said...

Sometimes I don't press and sometimes I do.

Marjorie said...

Love the colors and the way you set them.

Linda said...

I often press my seam open, but don't tell anyone!

Kate Brown said...

I love your colors on this block. I am thinking of joing the quilt along but have never done one before. Not sure how I would pick fabrics not knowing what it looks like.