Friday, June 29, 2012

Jump in the Pool - Block 4

BQAL-4 by GeneBlack
BQAL-4, a photo by GeneBlack on Flickr.

Yesterday the fourth block in the Beginners Quilt Along was posted. Pat Sloan is calling this block "Jump in the Pool" - the more common name for this is Churn Dash. I have also heard it call a Monkey Wrench block.
I decided to make the two color block into a three color block - just for fun. I am thinking the maybe I need to applique a star or something in the center of the yellow. What do you think?
There is a link to the Quilt Along in my sidebar. It is not too late to start making this fun and easy quilt. The tutorials for the blocks are outstanding. It starts very simply and each block (so far anyway) has built on the previous blocks. This is a great skill building tool. Notice how well my points are matched? I am thrilled with what I have learned - even though I am not a beginner. It is always great to brush up on the basics.

It sure is hot here! It is over 100F today. Sheesh and it is still June! I am thinking by August I will be running around completely starkers. (well only in the privacy of my own home that is.) I can't seem to stay cool enough.
I think I will go get a nice glass of ice water. Remember to stay hydrated if it is hot where you are.
Have a great weekend. Remember, comments are always welcomed.


Tangos Treasures said...

Love the block!! And yes on running starkers, tee hee it's hot here too!! 99 today & gonna be hotter tomorrow!! :(

Snoodles said...

Wow, Gene, I am impressed....I love the idea of making this a three color block, and adding some interest to the center is super! I'd be thrilled if my corners and points looked that good! Maybe I'd better go and check out that QAL....

Teresa Quilts said...

Go for it Gene. I think a star would look great in the center! The block looks great!

Donana said...

LOL Gene you are so funny. It's been hot here also in PA. The storms really seem attracted to the heat also. We've had a few come thru. Hope you're having fun this weekend!