Saturday, June 30, 2012

Starting a New Art Quilt

My dear friends and wonderful readers gave me such nice comments on my "Hills and Fields of Alabama" quilt that I decided to do another one.  Today I started it.  I got out the fabric and pressed it nice and smooth.  Then I realized that I was all out of iron-on interfacing!  GACK!!! I certainly didn't want to make a trip out in the heat to buy some more so I put on my thinking cap.   I have some Wonder Under; I have some batting.  Ooh I have an idea, no, a PLAN.  
I took the batting and cut a piece to the size of the cloth.  I then cut some Wonder Under to match (slightly smaller) I fused it all together and hoped!
When I got to the machine and started sewing and couching down yarns, I realized that this works BETTER than the interfacing.  yaay!
So I did a LOT of machine work on this today.  Here is the beginning for you to see.
The color is a little off, but it is close.  I am debating using some metallics in this. I have several now that I can use.  What do you think?   Any other suggestions?  I am open to ideas.  I am thinking about doing some applique on it too.Tell me what you think!


Jean said...

Interesting stitches and design. I love hearing about how people solve their quilting problems! I will look forward to seeing this piece finished.

Rhonda said...

Love it so far. Maybe a little bead work in spots of use some of the fringy yarn in places.

Sarah said...

I love this! Not usually a fan of metallics but they would totally work here.