Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ah finally!

Minnie Monkey is so happy this evening.  You see she has been wondering if I was ever going to quilt the half quilt that I  basted way back on the 14th.   I started quilting it last night and finished it tonight.   Minnie immediately had to get in the middle of the quilt.  She even made me pull out the camera and take a picture.
She likes the front of the quilt, but she wanted the back of the quilt for her picture.  She has also asked that I make her a mini quilt just for her.    You see, Minnie wants to "star" in the Pets on Quilts show that starts in August.  She also hopes you will vote for her.

I suppose I had better get her quilt made in a HURRY.  Let me see there are one, two, three, (oh yikes!) FOUR days left in the month.  Thanks goodness she is a mini monkey, Minnie Monkey.


Mrs. Sew and Sew - Karen said...

Minnie is adorable...I love sock monkeys! Love the quilt colors. Good job quilting it!

Melissa said...

This is about the cutest sweetest post ever. Tell Minnie that I love her outfit :)

Tangos Treasures said...

Quilt looks great!! LOL good luck getting Minnie's quilt done!!!

Barbara said...

Lol!!! Think Minnie already has a quilt. The one you finished fits perfectly!

Cyndi said...

Ha ha...what a fun post, Gene! Minnie Monkey has good taste in quilts...and what a lucky mini Minnie Monkey she is to have you make her a quilt of her very own! I'll be watching for that!!! :o)