Saturday, July 21, 2012

Making Blocks in MY style

One of my dear friends and blogger buddies, Teresa, mentioned that My Beginner's Quilt Along blocks do not seem to be in my style.
 Teresa said... 
You did a great job on this block, Gene. To be honest, the fabric does not look like you, or something you would use.  
I totally agree, but I make quilts to sell as well as to keep or give.  So that quilt is going in the "for sale" pile. In fact that was the original plan.
I was planning to make a second version anyway, but just wasn't motivated. Teresa's comment was the catalyst for my motivation.  This morning, I made 4 of the seven blocks.

They are not trimmed to size yet, but they are far more my color style, don't you think?  I am planning to use just these four colors for the entire quilt.  Although I may have to add in a yellow just for a little extra SPARK.  We will see what I decide later.

There was one block in the other set that didn't seem to work when I laid all the blocks together:
This one will go in a backing, so it is not wasted.
I made a replacement for it:

Way better if you ask me!  It matches up with the fabrics in the other blocks a lot better.


Teresa Quilts said...

Now that its what I'm talking about! Way to go Gene! I had been mulling over doing the blocks in red white and blues. Love these, so much!

Unknown said...

omg you are right, that is the same print leaf fabric.......I've been using this for awhile, and it's running out. wished I would have gotten more......never know