Saturday, July 14, 2012

UFO -Not for long

There once was a quilt that was started last year or was it the year before? No, it was last year.  But it seems like forever ago.  One part of it is already quilted and ready to have the other half joined.  So this week I finished piecing the other part of the front and the back. I was planning on quilting it during my weekend "retreat" but I didn't bring the other part with me -and honestly I don't remember how I quilted it.  I do want the halves to look like the same quilt, so it will wait.  But here is a peek at it layered and basted!
What you see is mostly the back with just a peek at the front.  I think I like the back better! 

So now I will start some four patches made from 5"squares that will then later be cut with my rag quilt die cutter for another rag quilt. I thought some pieced rag squares would be fun.


Rhonda said...

Isn't it funny how quickly time passes and how quickly we forget what's in our UFO boxes!!! I really like the back as well. You'll get it done, I have no doubt.

Teresa Quilts said...

Can't wait to see the finished project! Have fun!

Pat said...

I like the back a lot.....not seeing enough of the front to know if I like the back better, though, than the front.

Kate Brown said...

You seem to be liking your backs a lot better than your fronts this a new trend? ;)

Barbara Arcement said...

I was visiting some of the blogs I follow and I happened upon yours. I like to check out some of the blogs other people follow.
I enjoyed visiting your blog. very interesting. Your work is so unique and fun.
I have lots of UFOs that need to be finished too!
I hope you drop in to visit my blog too!
I am trying to increase the number of followers...My bff said I would never get to 50 and I am out to prove her wrong!

Barbara said...

I think your quilts are always eye-catchers on both sides, so how about just calling the side you decide to display at any particular time the "front"?! Voila, two,quilts in one. ;()