Thursday, August 09, 2012

Please Vote (Minnie wants/needs your vote)

Voting has started at LilyPad Quilting for the Pets on Quilts Show.  Minnie and her Puppies is #2 (just to save looking again.) 
I would think that Minnie and her Puppies fits in the dog themed quilt category and in the  Other pet on quilt category.

Minnie told me to tell you that she wants your vote.  Really she said "demands" but I changed it since she can't read (thank goodness!)

Here are a  few of pictures to remind you of Minnie and the quilt.

Please go to LilyPad Quilting and vote.  If you like Minnie and her puppies, Minnie and I would love to have your vote.


Melissa said...

Good luck Gene and Minnie!

Cyndi said...

Hi Gene! I've been away from blogging again since I was holding the "painting olympics" at my house (LOL!), but I'm finished now and trying to catch up. Sorry I missed your post with Minnie and her quilt, but now I've seen it and think it's awesome....and of course, I went over and cast my vote for her in the "Other Pets on Quilts" category. Good luck, and I hope Minnie gets what she demands, er, deserves! :o)



Snoodles said...

LOL Good luck, my friend!

Jennifer said...

Good Luck

Eat Sleep Quilt said...

Good luck, Minnie is so cute she deserves my vote!