Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Winner and a Block

Thanks to everyone who entered and promoted the MyMemories giveaway that I held.
I went to the Random Number Generator and got a winner.
Yes it is lucky number 13!  Who happens to be Teresa who said:
Teresa did three of the entries and it paid off for her.  Please give her your heartfelt congratulations. 

Although I am still a little blurry, I can see pretty well and managed to make one Quilt Block - Block 10 Ride the Roller Coaster (the bright version this time.   I decided to go wild and add an embroidered applique to the center.

That heart is NOT patterned fabric. It is a solid and the embroidery added the gold design. Then I added a light turquoise heart in the center of that to pull in the color from the tiny dots.
One of my corners isn't perfect, but as I said, I was still seeing some blur in my vision. I am quite happy with the block anyway.

Embroidery is one method of Quilty Embellishment.  So I am linking this post for Quilty Embellishment Day

As for an eye update: Today is better, the vision is clearing.  Also the bruises are lessening.  One of my friends didn't like seeing me all beat up looking so I am NOT posting that update today. You will just have to take my word for it that it is looking better.  When I am all healed I will show you the "new" me.   I have to laugh about the Adsense Ads that I have to make a few cents from my blog. Today they seem to be about facelifts and eyelifts with just an occasional quilt related ad.   It seems big brother is watching my posts.


Melissa said...

The heart looks amazing! You always make me wish I had an embroidery machine! I'm glad you are healing and I can't wait for the reveal picture. The other one was hard to see and not feel pain.

Jennifer said...

Yay to the winner:)

Melissa ;-) said...

I love the way you are combining the embroidery with the quilt blocks. Works wonderfully and not so cutesy-cutesy like everyone always seems to turn out with that combination.

bernie said...

I am glad you are healing up and feeling better. The quilt block looks great. Bernie

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Congrats to Teresa!
So glad to hear that everything is progressing on the healing. Wonderful block you created and the added embroidery in the center is amazing.
Do find that Adsense Ads work for you?

Pat Merkle said...

Your work is always wonderful. Thanks for linking up to QED. I hope you are doing well! I look forward to your guess post for QED next month!