Monday, September 24, 2012

Angel Project Update (and a history lesson!)

I realized that I have not posted about the Quilt Angel project for a while.  The response has been good, but we are still short a few quilts.

Last year we were able to give a quilt for every teen in the shelter at Christmas and we hope to do the same this year.
Due to privacy issues, we can't post pictures of the shelter residents but here is a picture of Ms Jackie and me sitting in front of the sofa with all the quilts from last year.

I am happy to annouce that we have a NEW Sponsor for the project.  I am very pleased to announce that Kelly of I Have A Notion (IHAN) has generously offered a gift certificate for $50 in merchandise. It does not include shipping so you would have to pay that yourself.  This is a wonderful prize. I went over to the IHAN store to look around and found that I could spend that $50 very easily.  My mouth watered over the Aurifil threads like the Edyta Sitar Over the Rainbow 50wt Cotton Thread Collection. It is listed at only $ you would have more left to spend. How about treating your hands (and/or feet) to a Lavishea lotion bar?  The Orange Pomander fragrance sounds good to me, but there are others also.
There are lots of things you could get. (yes I realize I got lost here...) Just go over and check all the categories.  (and there are instructional DVDs, embellishments and so much more)

So, there are now three gift certificates that you could be eligible to win by donating a quilt to wrap a "teen in need" with love.  Plus you will win my heartfelt thanks AND feel a warm spot in your own heart.

Someone asked in a comment on the original post " this facility in AL? If so why is it funded by TVFS? Do they accept kids from all over or just from certain counties in AL?" (TVFS - Tennessee Valley Family Services)

I knew that the facility is in Alabama since I made the delivery last Christmas. I also knew that the area it is in is part of the Tennessee Valley region.  I just didn't really know why it is called that. So I asked questions and did some research.
The Tennessee River runs from Knoxville, TN down and into Alabama, through just the corner of Mississippi, back into Tennessee and up into Kentucky where it feeds into the Ohio river.  Whew! what a route. Then the Ohio river feeds into the Mississippi river that flows to the Gulf of Mexico.
In the past the Tennessee River frequently flooded in the "Tennessee Valley" which is in North Alabama (the valley formed by the river.)  To relieve flooding and to provide employment at the end of the Great Depression, the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) was founded and built dams that provided jobs AND electricity.
Okay end of history lesson.  You can read more about it if you are curious.
So that is why it is called TVFS - Tennessee Valley Family Services.  And they do have a target service area of a few counties in Alabama.  However, any teen going to a SafePlace location in the area to seek shelter can be placed there regardless of where they are from.

If you can help, please let me know. Comment here and I will email you back.  (you don't have to say you will help in your comment, I will answer all comments on this post as I normally do.)

I hope your week is full of love and joy.


Teresa Quilts said...

Gene, Linda J. said she has a quilt that would work, but would need to be bound. I will contact the two I told you about earlier and give them your email address. I still plan on trying to make one, I hope. I have some projects I need to get done first. You are awesome to take on this project.

Kate Brown said...

Gene, I would be thrilled to help you with a quilt!

Debbie said...

Gene, I have a quilt that is unsold..44" by 60". will this work? Last year I began the Get Your Mrs. Claus On project for doll quilts and so many around the world helped me, that I want to pay it forward.
I love the premise of Quilting Angels.

Lynn said...

My guild retreat is coming up in mid-October. I will make up a simple lap size quilt for you then. I even have a pattern in mind I'm eager to try again in a different colorway.

A.J. Dub. (Amy) said...

What size do they need to be and do they need to be machine quilted?

Katrina said...

Gene you really are an angel! I have shared this on my Sunshower Quilts FB page so hopefully you will get some more quilts!

Sarah said...

OMG those dimples again! They slay me every time :)

Frog Quilter said...

Gene, All the quilt needs is a label and to mail it. Probably mail it on Friday.