Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Boxy Quilting

The second quilt I made in the Beginner's Quilt Along is now half quilted.  I attempted to do a free motion quilting pattern that my friend Marjorie (Marjorie's Quilting Bee) showed a couple of days ago.  As soon as I saw it, I thought, "Hey that looks like one of my doodles."  The pattern is a series of overlaid squares.  I doodle these on paper all the time. So my thought was that I could sure do it on a quilt too.
The thing is, on paper I pick up my pen and move it easily.  Not so with quilting.  Also, I can see where I am going and where I have been at a glance.  Again - not true on a quilt. You see the presser foot and the arm of a standard machine gets in the line of sight.
Still I did an entire half of this quilt with this pattern - or should I say "a loose interpretation of it"
You can see the pattern in this piece. 

Hmm...I got a little "lost" or should I say "creative" here.
Even with my "errors" this pattern worked out very nicely and will make a lovely quilt.
You can see Marjorie's version on her blog post dated October 8th.
As you can see it all but disappears on the white fabric with aqua dots.  I used a white Aurifil thread and it worked amazingly well.  I used it in the top AND the bobbin. What I really loved was that for this half of a large lap quilt, that is quilted fairly densely, I only needed two bobbins!  With the other thread I was using, it was common to use four for this.  Not having the bobbin run out so soon certainly helps to maintain the creative flow.  I do love some Aurifil thread goodness!


Marjorie said...

That looks wonderful to me. And I especially like your "creative" areas. That's what makes this so nice, you can vary it a lot of different ways. But from now on when you doodle, no picking the pencil up--it has to be magnetized to the paper--remember those continuous line drawings in Art class in college. . .

sewfunquilts said...

Super and can see your talent in doing this one...thanks for the link to Marjorie's post on it.

I'm finally back to blogging..yay!

Pat Merkle said...

Looks fabulous Gene!

Snoodles said...

That looks great, Gene! I have that problem, too, with my is so hard to know how far I can go in any direction, without crossing over my stitches! Maybe I'll get better with practice!