Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Die Cutting notes- follow-up

Yesterday a comment came in that stated she needed the book before she used her new cutter.  The book is a GREAT resource and yes she needs it.  But, well I had to say "at least try a little bit"
Here is what I wrote back to her: (I did some small edits and didn't put her name here.)
_name withheld_ don't be afraid to try it out.  The big thing to remember is to put the fabric with the LENGTHWISE grain (the direction the selvedge runs) going thru the cutter.  This eliminates the stretch that causes inaccurate cuts. 

If you are cutting pre-fused applique shapes:
A. leave the paper on the back (or the layers will stick together!) 
B. the paperbacking and fusible help to stabilize the grain so the grain direction is not as important. (but always try to keep it on lengthwise anyway) 
C.  a pin to score the back of the paper after cutting will make it easier to remove the paper. (lifting the edge and pulling can distort the shape.) 

Have FUN!

And a blog post with no pictures is not as fun so here are some  pictures to make it pretty.
Die cutter - Go! by AccuQuilt

Drunkards path die cut block and pieces (and yes, they are sewn not fused!)

Die cut borders.

Die cut star on an art quilt


Kate Brown said...

Great info, thanks Gene!

Barb said...

I love love love your Drunkard's path!

Frog Quilter said...

Gene, I am going to assume those drunkard path blocks are,fused.... They still look nice.