Monday, October 01, 2012

Just a little sewing

Today I did just a little sewing.  I had committed to making some items for the Remember September event. This is to send presents to our deployed troops.  In case you aren't familiar with it, look back at my blog post HERE.

Today I made two iPad covers that are a really simple design.  I tried using ponytail elastics as fasteners and I found it pretty easy and convenient.  Now I wish I had bought the large package of elastics.
So, without further ado, here are my newest contributions to the cause:
I couldn't resist that star fabric when I saw it today.  I knew it was perfect for this.  I already had the brown fabric (leftover from a quilt along quilt!)  The accent on the brown is only on the front. That fabric is also the lining for each of the covers as I had a nice big piece of it.  While it doesn't show well in the picture, the buttons on the Star version have stars on them. And the buttons on the brown one are leather like buttons similar to what would be on a men's corduroy blazer.  I am much happier with these two than I am with the first one.  Still, I will be sending all three.

At the end of the month, I will be doing a review on Jennifer Chiaverini's new book, The Giving Quilt.  In it, the participants at the QuiltsGiving retreat are asked "Why do you give?"   I think it is a great question that requires some honest reflection.  I haven't come up with my answer yet.  But I pose the question to you "Why do you give?"
I know that at least part of my reason is selfish.  Giving makes me feel good. Does giving make you feel good?
I would love to hear your answers to the questions.  If you don't want them to be posted here publicly, just leave any comment and I will email you.  Then you can email me back with the answer.  I may tell the reasons given, but I won't put a name with them.
It seems that with the arrival of autumn, I am more contemplative. I hope you don't mind indulging me.


Melissa said...

Your covers are amazing and I just love those stars. I give because I can. I figure that my husband and I are very blessed and I want to share our blessings with the people in our lives and also with those who we may not even know but need our help. It is also part selfish as well, I do like the way it makes me feel on the inside, knowing you have helped someone else. I also do it to set an example for my daughter, so she grows up in a world fill with loving and empathetic people.

Barbara said...

I love the fabrics and buttons, they are perfect together and for the theme!
A priest once told me that we are all selfish, and we never do anything unless we will get something out of it. I can't disagree, and if that something ismto make us feel good, well, there it is. In that sense, being selfish has to be a good thing.

Barb said...

What you are doing is AWESOMR

Because like you, it does make me feel good and in some small way I feel like I am making a difference.

Beth said...

I give in hopes that someone will get enjoyment from what I enjoyed making. Other times I give hoping that what I can do will help a little. Giving always makes me feel good.

Denise :) said...

Gene, the star fabric is amazing - it has a very "Americana" feel to it! Love the ipad covers -- this could probably translate nicely to a kindle fire cover, don't you think?? :)

Tangos Treasures said...

The cover came out great!!

sewyouquilt2 said...

love your covers.
yes the end of the year we tend to think more about things. The reason I give is I was brought up and told "there is always someone worse off than you". so no matter how bad things get there is always room to do for someone else and like you, it makes me feel good.just a simple little gesture can start a friendship, cheer someone who thinks no one cares etc. it is a GOOD thing as Martha would say.

Royce said...

The ipad covers are very cool Gene. I have purchased some of that elastic but not used it yet.

I too give because it makes me happy. Happy to see a smile to know the smile was just for me -
I give cause there were times when I had little and now can give a tiny bit more. Sometimes to give just a tiny thing like letting someone in front of you at the store, a little bit of $ when someone really needs it. No matter how small the giving is, or if it's time/or a tangible gift - it is a joy. I so agree with Barbara, being selfish and enjoying giving is a good thing. It works out for all.

Kate Brown said...

I do give because it makes me feel good but the main reason I give is that I imagine in my mind, what the person that receives it is thinking. I am hoping it is making them feel warmth, love and hope. When you are sick or down and someone out of the blue and kindness of their heart can do something so meaningful can make the heart feel full. On a few occasion during bad illness I have had someone do something out of the blue and nice for me and I ask why do they care about me, they really don't know me but then I think of why I do it and it makes me feel so good that someone felt that way to me.It is like offering a caring hand to hold.