Tuesday, November 06, 2012


Today is voting day in the US for the Presidential election.  So if you are a registered US voter, please go and vote today.  Vote with your heart and your mind.  Voting for officials is one of our freedoms. Use it wisely.
I have been packing boxes for my one big sale of the year this week so I haven't gotten any sewing done.  
So here is an image of one of my paintings.  I will have these printed on notecards at my sale (but without the watermark)


Linda said...

Your painting is beautiful and will make great notecards! Good luck with the upcoming sale!
Yes, we are fortunate to have the privilege to vote.

Beth said...

Going to vote in just a few minutes.
Love the painting, the notecards will be beautiful.

Barbara said...

Already voted, now to watch all night for the result! Lovely image for your cards.

Kate Brown said...

Good luck at your sale!! I love the painting!