Monday, December 03, 2012

Quilt Angels Update

Hi,  the Quilt Angels project for 2012 is drawing to a close. The quilts are due on December 12th.  We have set a delivery date of December 15th so that we don't interfere with other things at the facility.
Several of the promised quilts have arrived. I have tried to send an email to each sender as the quilt was received.   I thank you sincerely for your generosity.
I am still hoping to hear from a number of you that promised to send a quilt.  If you have hit a snag and simply can't send a quilt this year, please let me know.  I know that two are "on the way."

Hopefully the drawing for the prizes will be done at the facility and I can get the emails sent that evening. (yaay! Thanks to the sponsors: Anonymous,  IHAN and Petite Design Company.)

Wishing you a delightful December!


Teresa Quilts said...

I promise I will get mine washed and to you this week.

Unknown said...

I promised you 3, do you want boy or girl, or does it matter? Pulling from my PL stash. Also, message me the address. I have one, but not sure if that's where you want it sent. Oh yeah, I have lots of crocheted blankets as well, will those work?

Pat Merkle said...

I have the label made, just have to sew it on and get the quilt washed. Then into the mail it goes!

Barb said...

I don't think I promised anything...I have just had way tooo much to do and sending out way to many packages....for charity and others.....but if you are in a bind....I can see what I can come up with. Does the size matter?