Sunday, December 09, 2012

Quilter's Christmas Party TODAY!

Today is the day SewCalGal is hosting the Quilter's Christmas Party.  So, I am supposed to tell you more about me.  I feel like I tell you people more than I tell the people I see every day.  But that is probably just in my head.  I do filter what I post. Ha ha.

Since this is a Christmas party, let me tell you about some of my Christmas "traditions."
I am an Episcopalian at this point in my life but I have attended and been a member in many other denominations.  I have really covered a LOT of the spectrum.  So, for me Christmas is about the greatest gift ever given. The gifts we give each other are representative of that gift.
On Christmas eve, you will find me at church in a choir robe. Usually, I am already tired when we  sing. That is okay.  To me singing is a true joy. (I wish I was better at it - when I hear myself I am very critical)  Still, I am there singing with all my heart and trying to stay on the written harmony when we are singing 'parts.'  So far I don't have any solo parts, but that has changed as late as just before the service. Ha ha.  That is better for me as I won't be worrying about it for long. And the church is always standing room only on Christmas Eve.  (nothing like "playing to a packed house" to have the adrenaline flowing.)
Normally, I only attend the "midnight" service which starts at 10pm and is over just after midnight.  This year I will be going to the early service also (sigh- no nap time!)

I also spend time with my family on Christmas. We laugh and joke and enjoy some good food and fellowship.  We exchange small gifts - mine are often things I make.  I started making presents as a pre-teen. I remember the year I gave my sister's boyfriend a crocheted ear-warmer and had to explain what it was. Then my sister opened her present - a case for her glasses - and said "Thanks but my nose isn't that long" as she held the case over her nose.  I laughed with her on that one. (we do have some big noses in my family)

And last year I started a new tradition, The Quilt Angels!  Some of you know about this already. Several have sent quilts and a few are still on the way.  A friend asked me to make quilts for a shelter (by Christmas) last November, I think it was.  When he told me how many I needed to make, I said "I just can't do that." But the seed was there in my head.   I thought of all the amazing quilters I know and remember how generous many of them are.  So I put out a call, even though it was late to be asking.
The response was outstanding.
Since the population of the shelter changes, we are doing it again this year.   This is a great way to give, by giving to someone who can't give anything in return you find a greater joy in the giving.

And to end a a less serious note, let me tell you about the first Christmas present I remember.
I was three years old and decided that I wanted a baby doll. Not just any doll either, I wanted one the "bee-d"  My dad was NOT happy.  He said there was no way I was getting a doll.  He wanted me to have toys fit for a boy.  His mother, my grandmother Birdie, said "If you don't buy it for him, I will!" and she meant it.  I have no idea who bought it - it came from Santa.  I was thrilled with it. Mostly I just loved to put water in its bottle and make it "bee."  Later on, I did want toy trucks and cap guns. Dad was very happy to get those for me.

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Jennifer Thomas said...

Hello Gene. I'm happy to have found your blog. I really enjoyed reading all of your Christmas stories. I was raised Episcopal, but now I am Southern Baptist! Merry Christmas, Happy Quilting, and Have a super day!

Thearica said...

Gene... I have a really good friend who had 3 boys.. no girls.. She always wanted a daughter but it was not to be... She bought all 3 of her boys a baby doll one year for Christmas and made her hubby almost stroke out. lol

Those boys played with those dolls though... they loved them! ha!

Terrie Sandelin said...

What a lovely entry. Your story about the doll just made me laugh -- so sweet and charming.

Quilter Kathy said...

Wonderful post to read!
I had the opposite problem with my son...he wanted guns and swords, and I didn't want any toys of violence in my home. Eventually had to give in and still don't like it :)
What a fun party - I didn't even have to get out of my PJ's to attend! LOL

Rebecca Grace said...

What a sweet story -- I am SO GLAD that someone made sure you got your baby doll for Christmas!

We have our Christmas Concert at church tonight, and both of my sons will be singing in the children's choir. My 12-year-old has a solo, too. Probably the last one before his voice starts to change, but for tonight he'll sing bright and clear like a sweet little angel (and then he'll kick his brother in the back seat of the car the whole way home).

Merry Christmas!

Quilting Babcia said...

Thanks for sharing - Christmas memories are the very best!

Anonymous said...

Our daughter wanted trucks and cars as well as the baby dolls, so I completely understand! I love the quirky and personal gifts that may seem weird to others. But what better representation of The Gift that is the reason that we are celebrating, because His gift was the most personal and wonderful of all!

Dana Gaffney said...

Too cute, I'm glad you got your beeing doll. Your quilt angels is a wonderful Christmas tradition, Merry Christmas to you!

Sue said...

It's lovely to read about your Chrisymas's past and present.
Best wishes for this one too Gene.

Kristen King said...

I too will be singing in the choir this Christmas. It makes me so nervous, but it is so fun to sing with others who love it as much as I do. Have a wonderful Christmas! :)

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Gene I cracked up laughing because I bought both my boys baby dolls and they had one of those kitchen unit toy things....both boys...yep. My father in law had a fit. I looked over at him and said, "I've seen you cook and I've seen you hold your shut up!!" He never said another word.

I didn't tell anyone anything about our Christmas in our post....guess I'm always behind on something. If you want to know...come visit!


Missy Shay said...

The Christmas Angels is a great project!

Beth said...

My older daughter spent way more time with her cars than with any baby dolls, but she had both.
Enjoy every second of the holiday season.

The Quilted Dog said...

The Quilt Angels project sounds wonderful! What a great tradition to have started!

SewCalGal said...

Oh Gene, I'm so delighted to have you come to the Quilter's Christmas Party. And thanks for sharing insights on your Christmas memories and how you spend Christmas today. I do so wish I could come to your church on Christmas Eve and hear you sing. would be very special.

I'm glad Santa got you that doll when you were three. Bee-ing is an important thing to learn, but I'm a firm believer kids should have what they want and be what they want and they'll turn out happier in life vs being frustrated and never finding happiness. Heck, look at you you radiate happiness and good cheer throughout the year. And, thank you for all you do to help others too!


Snoodles said...

Wonderful post, Gene! Hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas!