Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Working on Gifts

I am working on last minute Christmas gifts.  At the same time I am trying to learn to use a new software program.
In other words - I am busy!

For one co-worker I made these hot pads. She likes to have a big hot pad to put things on when she places them on the table.  I happen to know that the colors are perfect!
I got a rather simple digitizing program.  It basically does auto-digitizing  for machine embroidery. Right now I am really just using the "free trial" but it lets me save designs so that is a real plus.
Hopefully in a day or two I can show you something I made with it.

How are you coming along with your holiday gifts?  Are you making hand-made items?

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Pat said...

Last year, I made 4 quilts as Christmas gifts and one wall-hanging. This year, I didn't make any sewn items....but I made a few homemade soaps as gifts. I'm sure your co-worked will love that big hot pad!

Terry@ a quilting blog said...

What a lucky co-worker...those hot pads are so pretty (and useful!)...love the fabrics you chose! Thanks for sharing Gene! I made some quiited gifts for our grown children and their spouses this year.

Unknown said...

Last minute? You call 13 days to go last minute???!!!! You are VERY well organised in comparison to me.

Unknown said...

Woops, sorry that last comment was made by me. barb@threadart.org I thought this magic machine would add that automatically. Just goes to show I'm not that smart at all! Barb Blackwell.

sewyouquilt2 said...

I am making some and purchasing some. have 3 Christmas stockings , two pillowcases and lots of mug rugs to make yet. blogland has been quiet so I think the "elves" are busy sewing. looking good!

Beth said...

I usually make some gifts, but not many this year. I did make some ornaments, some wool aplique pincushions and a couple of small things.
Love the potholders.