Monday, February 18, 2013

Thread and Scrap Catcher

While wandering around the internet I found this lovely simple FREE pattern.  It is designed for laminated fabrics, but I didn't have any, so I used cotton. I also had a pre-pieced chunk of fabric that was big enough for the outside. So I decided to try it with that just to see how easy or hard the pattern was. In a very short time I had this completed.
The pattern is designed by Lila Tueller.  It is a bit hidden in the picture but at the top left there is a hanging loop.  The pattern called for grosgrain ribbon but I improvised with left over binding.  I made a tube, turned it and called it good.
I will be making this again with some home decor fabric that I already have, it has a smooth surface that I am sure will make this easy to empty. (Ease of emptying is one of the reasons for using a laminate.) The home dec fabric will also give it more body so that it will hold its shape better.  I will also adjust the size since for sewing bits it doesn't need to be as tall.

And, yes, I know that the hearts are wrong side up. I wanted the pieced band around the top, so I am ignoring the hearts. Ha ha..or I could say that sewing makes me so happy my heart turns flips!

These would also make great trash bags for the car.


Cindy said...

Going to check out the link, Gene. Thank you. Yours looks perfect!

Barbara said...

This is great. Who says hearts don't flip? I think either side up is right side up. In the words of someone, somewhere "call it good". ;)

Beth said...

Always a great thing to have....a bag for those threads and scraps. I always intend to make one for when I go to bee or class, think I will try this one.
Thanks for the link