Thursday, February 07, 2013

What I brought home from Mexico

Needless to say, I didn't go on a trip and return without something for sewing. Ha ha, that rarely happens.  I found the fabric stores and even an upholstery supply store.

I first went in a fabric store to get something to cover a window where a light was shining in my room at night. (They have added a curtain there now - because they are really customer centered) I found some black plastic that is used as a table cover and got a yard (less than a dollar-honest!)
But I also saw some material that I think will make great kitchen towels.
I will put some pretty thread on my serger and serge the ends. I got a meter of each (slightly more than a yard) So I should have several towels from it.

Another day, I wandered into a shop that had upholsteryfabrics (think vinyl) but behind the counter I saw huge rolls of zippers. So in my pathetically poor Spanish, I asked how much per meter and if the pulls came with it. (Yes I used the charade method to get the "pulls" across) Oooh...good price so I bought two meters and got some extra pulls.  I had no idea how to put the pulls on the zipper, but I found it on YouTube.  When I tried it back in the room, I realized that these will be fun.  So I priced zippers and pulls on Etsy and other online stores. Hmmmm...The next day I tried to find that store again. No luck!  But I found another store, and they had some. SCORE!  so I got some other colors and made myself happy.

That one that looks white is a light blue, or as the lady explained to me "cielo."
I also saw some buttons in that store and decided to get some fun looking ones and some "useful" ones.
Those pink hologram ones will probably go on some little girl things.
At yet another store I found some thread snips and a nice seam ripper. (really really cheap to buy but the work nicely.)
And what is that in the next case? Look at those little owl buttons! They are small and adorable.  I should have bought as many in pink also. Ooops.

Finally on another day (otra dia) I went find change for a "big" bill. (not that big but still hard to get changed)  I went in the fabric store and saw I picked three and then asked if I bought did they have change. (score again!) So I got these:

That large white flower at the bottom is almost as big as my head! And can you go wrong with black and white?  The upper right one has that navy blue and green as a border print.  The red with flowers just looked like a fun fabric.
These fabrics came from this store:

So that is the fabric and notion shopping that I did on this trip.

This weekend I will have some more pictures from my trip -and another story of how my penny whistle played a part in meeting some other people on the trip.
Y'all come back now, ya hear?


Sue said...

That sounds like so much fun and you're learning the language too.

Pat said...

Gee...I wrote a comment and it disappeared. I said a friend would have bought every owl button in the store since she loves owls. And I love the idea of buying zippers by the "meter". Great buys!

Rhonda said...

What great finds. Loved seeing what you purchased!!

Unknown said...

sounds like you had a lot fun. :)

Tangos Treasures said...

Wow!! Great finds!!!!

Cindy said...

"SCORE"...great score on the finds!! I love embellishments on things so the zips and buttons will be wonderful!!

Marjorie said...

I love your finds. What fun to explore another textile world.

Teresa Quilts said...

You were in your element, weren't you? Love your finds!

sewfunquilts said... I would enjoy some of that kind of in a different country/culture. GREAT FINDS!

Barbara said...

Love your button finds especially!Those thread snips look familiar. Incredibly, I found some exactly like them packed WITH A DOLL I bought! Some poor young worker in some poor foreign place made a mistake, and they ended up packed with the doll. I have to admit I put them to good use, but the mistake was unsettling. I have started to buy USMade only, but mistakes like that can happen anywhere.

Jean(ie) said...

Love your finds. Only you would go to Mexico and check out the fabric shops. Love the buttons!

Frieda Anderson said...

Cool stuff Gene

Beth said...

Great finds. I love to look for fabric/notions that I don't see at home. Looks like you had lots of fun!

SewCalGal said...

Super shopping spree!


Holly said...

I'd love to make a trip to Mexico. I haven't been since the 70's. It must be so different now. I just found your blog, and will enjoy reading past posts. I had to laugh because I also buy notions wherever I go. When I went to Egypt, I really stocked up on buttons. The nice ones were from France though. The wool fabric was a very good quality & price. There were boxes of it that came home with me!

Kate Brown said...

Great stuff! I bet it was alot of fun looking around to see all the different thngs they had. Do they carry the same fabric lines as here too?