Monday, March 04, 2013

A Little more Needle Play

The dress that I am making for my great niece also has a pattern for a matching doll. You can make a dress to match the girl's dress and thus girl and doll match. Of course I have to make the doll for this to work.
I have the head, body, arms and legs sewn and stuffed.
Actually there is one seam that is just pinned in this picture.  You stuff the body from the bottom behind the legs.  It got too late last night and I had to stop without sewing that seam.  There are a number of things left to do. For now, the face is just drawn on with Sharpie pens.  I will either embroider it or paint it.  (yes I know the "easy way" is to embroider the face before you sew the doll. But of course I didn't do that.)
I have to add hair and make the dress.  But then I will get the fun of delivery! Since this will be a non-birthday/Christmas/holiday delivery it will be a surprise gift.  I hope she loves it.  Now I am going to empty the yarn bags and see if I have an appropriate hair color.


Jean(ie) said...

That will be soooo darn cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful gift and heirloom for this little girl! One lucky girl to have you!! You are very special to do this for her! ♥

Barb said...

What little one wouldn't love to get a doll with the same dress, just wonderful!

Beth said...

She is going to be so very excited! Cute doll, and dressed like her.
P.S. these days that hair can be any color...just sayin ;)

Rhonda said...

Gene, the doll is already adorable. Can't wait to see her all dressed up!!