Sunday, March 10, 2013

Digitizing -Notes and Samples

EQ Stitch has been keeping my attention a bit lately.  I have been designing some simple objects.  And just seeing what fun things I can develop.  I did three stitch-outs Sunday night. Actually there were more than that.  But I am not counting the "oops" ones.
In the process I learned more about digitizing.
1. When in doubt about what a control means:  Check the help file.
 example:  I wanted a less dense e-stitch for the edge of an applique.  I saw "adjust density" - so I lowered the number, which made sense to me.  The piece got tossed away. Still I didn't read the help file. (foolish man!)  Instead the stitch got more dense.  It worked okay but the e-stitch looks like a satin stitch.  In reality you need to increase the number to make it less dense. It is in the help file.

2.  You will need to be ready to sew out the design more than one time.  If it works the first time you are just really lucky.

3. The simulated stitching will show you some things that you can fix BUT,

4. It is important to watch the file stitch out on the machine.  You can see things that you can correct.

So here are my stitch-outs:

 An appliquèd house - the appliquè edges are supposed to be an e-stitch. (sigh)

 Stars and bubbles - I made a minor change to the file after I sewed this one...but this version is okay too.
Peacock Star - I removed the edge stitching around the diamonds after seeing the finished product. I didn't feel it added to the design.

Now some photo notes.  When taking a picture of white fabric with stabilizer that has been torn away....lay the entire piece over a WHITE surface (not shiny wood) so that the stabilizer doesn't show through.  In reality you don't see the stabilizer AND it will wash away.

I hope you learned something from this - I know I did.


Melissa said...

Looks like an awesome program. And again, you make me want an embroidery machine!

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Looks like you are having lots of fun and mastering the program at the same time.

Barb said...

Wonderful must be having fun learning all of these things and able to adjust and go on if it doesn't work out. Fantastic!!

Elaine said...

What type of machine are you using, Gene?

jdqltr said...

Gene - there are only two kinds of embroiderers, those who do a test stitch out and those who wished they had done a test stitch out. Sounds like you are having fun digitizing. I love it!

Average Quilter said...

I got my eq stitch last week and haven't had time to play. You are making it look so easy

Beth said...

My Dad always says "when all else fails read the directions". Sometimes I remember and sometimes I don't.
Looks like you are having fun and learning a lot.

Kate Brown said...

You have so many possibilities with your embroidery machine! hmmm I think reading the directions might save you alot of headaches though :) (just a suggestion!)

Rhonda said...

You are so talented and very patient!!

quiltin cntrygrl said...

Looks great! I have wanted to learn to digitize but haven't had the patience lately.

beaquilter said...

look great!!

Latebloomerar said...

I think you stitch outs look very nice. I hope to see more.