Saturday, March 02, 2013

Saturday Start

A while back I posted about making a dress for my great niece.  Actually I will probably making for each of the sisters.
The smaller girl is getting one from this fabric.

Today I have cut out the pattern pieces for the smaller one's dress.  I traced the pattern onto tracing paper so as to preserve the original pattern. That way I can make the larger sizes too if we love this dress.
Here are the pieces all except the back pieces have the pattern still pinned on.  The white is the lining.
Now just how far will I get on this today?  Only time will tell.


Unknown said...

love the fabric...can't wait to see them finished. Sometimes, I wish I had a girl to make cute dresses for. Even my brother has all boys.

Beth said...

Cute fabric, cute could it be anything but adorable when you are finished???