Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Peek - stitch-slash-stitch

Since I haven't sewn anything all week, I had to do something.
This little pillow said "Hey, remember how you made me?"
"Yes, I do"  I replied.  Then it hit me.  I have only used the very cool Stitch & Slash method for that one pillow.  And I messed up err...changed the directions when I made it. So, why not try the method again and see if I can get a bit closer to the right way.
Here is a peek:
This method it taught in the Craftsy Class Stitch & Slash by Carol Ann Waugh.  I fell in love with Craftsy early on.  I am an affiliate, so if you click that link, I do get a little credit.  Those of you that have used my affiliate links - THANK YOU!!!

Starting May first there will be some new classes.  I will tell you about them as soon as I can. There will be new classes on sewing clothing, quilt piecing, cake decorating, and even a form of embroidery.   Then a week later there will be a few more new classes.

Craftsy is a great way to learn new techniques, skills etc.  I can't wait to get this new piece finished so I can show you a full picture of it.  I am thinking it will be a pillow like I did with the other one. This technique makes them very textural and cuddly not to mention eye-catching.

PS.... I have to work tomorrow (Sunday) so it may be a few days before I finish this.  (did I mention that I really really don't like working on Sunday?)


Beth said...

I am excited that new Craftsy classes are coming. I signed up for some when you sent me the link before. I really like those classes.
I started on last year's BOM today.
Can't wait to see more of your project. Hope work isn't too bad.

Barbara said...

Wow, how neat! That machine of yours is getting a colorful (as always) workout. :)