Saturday, April 06, 2013

Fast Fused Blocks for FMQ

In the process of taking the free motion quilting (FMQ) class with Leah Day on Craftsy, I discovered that I really need some of the blocks to look like the sampler blocks in the quilt.   What to do?  I didn't want to start piecing blocks for it.  I wanted it fast, I wanted it easy, I wanted it NOW.
Fortunately I had some fabric that already had fusible on the back.  I had prepared a lot of solids this way for a quilt along that I started. Sadly the leader had personal problems and abandoned the quilt along.  However, it gave me a stash of pre-fused solids that were perfect for this.
Since the two blocks I wanted to do used a hexagon shape, I grabbed my hexagon die and my Go! cutter and cut out some of the hexagons. (Okay, so I had carefully stored the pre-fused fabric in a safe place--- I had to hunt for it for a bit. Surely you never do that!)

Since the hexagons were not the exact size of the pieced blocks, I improvised my blocks. They are similar but different.  I just had fun with it.

Since they are different, when I quilt them I will have to vary the quilting also to make it work.  As Leah says "and that's all right!"
I think the blocks that I add fused pieces onto will make the quilt have some spark when I put it all together.  You didn't think I would just practice on these did you?  No, I am going to make them into a quilt with lots of random colors and various free motion stitches.  I don't know what I will do with the quilt, but I will either keep it or attempt to sell it.  I think it just might make a good present for a family member, but we will see.

In other news, I spent part of Friday night and some of this morning finishing a dress for the Princess. Hopefully, I will have a picture of her in the dress tomorrow as I plan on a little family time today.

Have a great weekend.


Teresa in Music City said...

I love it Gene!!! Way to improvise! That will be so fun to FMQ - such wonderful color-y goodness!

Barbara said...

Great idea, and if you are still puzzled what to do with a final quilt, just ask us here in blogland. You will have tons of takers!

Scrapatches said...

Hello ... Good idea to practice your FMQ on these colorful hexagons. I just wandered in from Erin's blog. I see you are joining in the blog hop this week. Looking forward to seeing your project on Tuesday .. :) Pat

Jean(ie) said...

I can't wait to watch this quilt unfold. Kind of a planned liberated quilt!

Beth said...

Great idea. I love when those "left overs" get to be used.