Monday, April 01, 2013

Finishes and a cool new Product

I am happy to let  you know that I finished 37 quilts over the weekend.   Well a couple of them still need binding.

I forgot to take pictures since just as I was finishing Ricky Tims and Nancy Zieman pulled into my driveway.  Apparently they both want me to be on their shows.  The problem is that the tapings are on the same day.  Which should I choose?

Oh and there is a great new product out there that will really help your stitching issues.  No More RIPPING!
Check it out!

How amazing is that?
Of course my machine came with that feature built right in. 

Did you know that today is April first?
In the USA we celebrate by having April Fools jokes.  Not everything you hear or read today will be true.... (hint hint!) Happy April Fools day.


Pat said...

HA!!! You are just TOO clever, my friend!!! What a fun post!

Debbie said...

And I won the lottery today! :) More fabric to buy, and one of those machines too. Great post.

Cindy said...

You make me chuckle.

Barbara said...

Almost got me, it wouldn't surprise me at all! Serious!

Jean(ie) said...

That is So amazing! I wish I could do that! (tee hee!). Happy Monday!

Tangos Treasures said...


Ivory Spring said...

Just heard about the Stitch Eraser myself. :)

Thanks for entering my giveaway.

Cindy said...

Probably the next feature in machines -

Snoodles said...

Fun post, Gene! Take care my friend! :)