Sunday, April 07, 2013

More of the Journey - Sidestepping

I am continuing on my journey with Free Motion quilting.  But on one of the blocks I decided to take a sidestep and do it my way.  I didn't want to do a lot of stippling on the brown block with the hexagon pattern.  And the large hexagon seemed to say "try something different!"  So I did.
I did a "feather flower" in the larger hexagon.  I marked the center then made a circle around it. I used the circle as a base for feathers. It isn't perfect but I really like it.  I am sure I will do better the next time I try it. I did the spirals just like the ones in the class on the other hexagons.  The rest is just my "noodling" around using echos that morph as they extend. There is also a square spiral and a wonky square echo from the lower right corner.  I had fun with this one.  The back is cool too.
I love the way the spirals play against the angled lines.  That is far more obvious on the back side.

The other block was closer to the class version.  I did the feathers, but I only did one with a relatively straight spine.  The others I curved. (the class handout shows them all with straight spines.)

I simply outlined the hexagons to sew them in place.  In the area above them I did simple stippling.

You know, somehow it resembles flowers with the feathers as the stems and leaves. 

This one is also really interesting from the back. 

I think I am in love with quilting feathers.   I continue to be amazed that "I did that!"

I am using a variety of colored squares for both the front and back so that this will be a "fun and interesting" quilt when I join it all together.

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Marjorie said...

Gene, your quilting is incredible. You have mastered this in an amazing short period of time. And the fused hexies are such a great idea.

Love the princess dress too!

Debbie said...

Look at you and how much you have improved! You are a real example of practice! I like your version with the hexagons and mixed curves and lines.

Barbara said...

Don't get better and better at this, I like the hand done personal touch! Want it to look like you did it, not a computer. Only giving that caution because it's looking so gosh darn good! :):):):)

Beth said...

Way to go. You should be so proud!
They look awesome. Those feathers are my favorite.

Jean(ie) said...

I saw those feathers and my nose got tingly... In a good way. You are really doing an awesome job!

Yay Gene!!!!

Eat Sleep Quilt said...

Beautiful quilting, it just proves practice makes perfect! I'm assuming those are Accuquilt hexies? Looking good!

JJ said...

Your quilting is looking good. I am impressed.

Unknown said...

I love this block....I also love the piece in your banner...I love that you are doing some non traditional quilting too.