Sunday, May 19, 2013

Art Quilting Fun

Saturday I started on  fun little art quilt.  It is not my design, but it is a part of the learning process.  I am taking Hand Stitched Collage Quilts on Craftsy.  I started it soon after the class was announced.  But I just started MAKING one of the projects. This one is called "The House in the Valley."    I got the top fused together onto the batting.  At that point I took a picture:
I have started on the hand stitching to add embellishment but I only have a little bit done.  Let me show you what I did to the house.
I used an Aurifil 12 wool thread to outline the windows and an Aurifil 12 Mako for the cross pieces. The other threads are hand dyed that I have bought various places.

I am starting to add the seed stitches in the tree to give it some texture now.
That thread going off the top of the picture is attached to my needle. This thread is one that I won from Laura Wasilowski on her blog. She "mis-dyed" some thread and I was lucky enough to get some.  I think it goes great with my tree fabric.

There is a television commercial that I have seen somewhere (not at home since I only have Netflix) but nevertheless I have seen it.  The tagline is "Never Stop Learning."  That is my goal.  I love learning new things.

Okay one confession about this piece. I changed some of the colors to make it a little more mine AND because I didn't have the exact colors Laura suggested.  But hey, it is my quilt and so I get to do that.


Barbara Arcement said...

Love the project you are working on... ... Our School District motto is
"Learning for Life" I love the fact that we CAN continue to learn new things throughout our lives. You do beautiful work.
hugs from South Louisiana

Barbara said...

Oh no, you changed something?! Lol, I'd be disappointed if you hadn't. Seriously, this is really nice, and I think you could have done something similar without a pattern, Gene. You are just THAT creative. But the learning process is what's important here.

Elaine said...

What a nice piece. I really like the yarn on the roof and your "leaves". You are always trying something different!

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Great project! Another beautifully created art piece :)

Unknown said...

Hi Gene, just discovered your blog and I love your work!
Greetings from Victoria, BC

Beth said...

Well I love your colors. The sticthing is looking great. I really need to find mine and get stitching. I just do not know where my stuff is after the move.:(