Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fun with scraps

All quilt-makers have scraps. Sometimes they are nice big happy chunks of fabric that can easily be used in another quilt.  But how small does have piece have to be before you toss it in the bin?
Suppose those bit were able to be used in a fun and useful way? Would you save them?

Remember the snack mat piece I made with some scraps? 

Some of those pieces were pretty small. Using the same type of technique, but with a different base I have taken some really small pieces and some bigger pieces too and made fabric.  This is not much thicker than the regular quilting fabric.
Some of those strips are not much more than a 1/4" wide.  But isn't this a fun piece of fabric.  I did do free motion sewing all over it to hold down most of the edges . This also insures that the pieces don't fall off if I didn't fuse them enough. I am thinking this piece might become a covered journal. It is plenty big enough at 20 3/4" by 9 1/4"  OR I could use it as part of a pillow cover. Or maybe you have another idea. What do you think I should make with it?

Don't forget that Craftsy is having a Memorial Day sale that goes through Midnight on May 27th.  A percentage of all purchases will go towards supporting American veterans!


Beth said...

Gene, it is fun fabric. I like the idea of a journal cover.
I have to go sign up for a class before I forget.

DeAnna said...

Love are creating fabric! I guess I'll never throw any of my fabric in the trash bin. I've been inspired!

sewyouquilt2 said...

journal cover, kindle or ereader cover, mug rug they all would be so nice.l love sewing with my little scraps. they have to be pretty small before I chuck em!