Thursday, May 02, 2013

Never Stop Learning

I love learning new techniques or methods of making quilts.  That is one of the reasons I am such a fan of Craftsy.  So I am very happy to tell you that there are some new classes that are now being offered.
Jacquie Gering is teaching  Improvisational Piecing, Modern Design.  This is the only new Quilting Class.One of the methods that is intriguing to me is called "Slice and Insert"   Another lesson is "Stitch and Flip Improv."   After watching the preview video, I know I would love to take this class.

However, there are other new classes too. Terry White is the instructor for Free-Motion Machine Embroidery.  I had to borrow this picture to show you.
Wow!  I would love to be able to do machine embroidery where I could make up my designs and not bother having to find what I want or having to digitize it myself.  This is truly custom work and everything you make is one of a kind.

There is a new class by Kenneth King called The Carefree Fly-Front Coat. Since it is a ladies jacket, I am not really interested, but the picture on Craftsy looks very stylish. So if you want to make your own coat, this may be right for you.

Finally, there is a class by Marsha Winbeckler on cake decorating called Ruffles and Draping: Fabric Techniques in Fondant.  Let this picture say what I can't even find words for:
I almost wish I were planning to make a wedding cake for someone just so I could take the class and learn how to do this.  Maybe you have a need for this class?

There is always something fun and exciting to learn on  Craftsy.

Have I told you about the FREE mini classes on Craftsy?  Here are a couple that I have taken and enjoyed.
Sewing Machine 911: Give your sewing machine some TLC with the help of this free course. Learn to clean and maintain your sewing machine with tips and tricks taught in this class.
This is a great class for a new machine owner - and maybe for a seasoned sewist also.  I know it refreshed me on some things I had "forgotten."

QuiltCon Lecture Series 2013: Not able to make it to Austin for the Modern Quilt Guild's inaugural QuiltCon? Watch some of our favorite lectures from the event, given by Heather Jones, Angela Walters, David and Amy Butler, Jacquie Gering, and Mary Fons.
I didn't go to QuiltCon, but this brought me up to speed on what it was about.  I also learned about some of the Craftsy teachers like Angela Walters and Jacquie Gering.  Having watched Fons and Porter on public television, I also really enjoyed hearing Mary Fons talk about her time on the show and how she is carrying on the tradition but with a big twist.
Try one of the free mini classes. While it is not the same as a full class, it will give you a taste of the Craftsy  platform with no obligation. You can check out all of the other free Craftsy mini-courses by clicking here.

(Disclosure:  I am a Craftsy affiliate and do get compensation if someone joins through my blog.  However,  I would not be an affiliate if I did not love the product.  I have taken many classes on Craftsy and I do love it.)


~Laurie~ said...

I have seen some of the classes on Craftsy and they look amazing! I'm thinking of taking one or two this summer. How would I join through your blog?

Beth said...

I already signed up for both of those (the machine and Quilt-Con) before reading this post. I am excited to check them out.
I now spend time on Craftsy every couple of days.

Vicki W said...

I took classes with Kenneth King 20 years ago..... He is fabulous!

Royce said...

I love Craftsy too Gene, it is a wonderful place to learn and be inspired. I have purchased patterns on there and found them all very well done. I will have to flip over and check out the improv class thou cause that is my favorite style - not overly fond of patterns.

Sarah said...

I have two craftsy classes and have never gotten around to watching them! yes, I am lazy. I am a total Jacqui Gehring fan girl, so I might have to check that one out too.

Jean(ie) said...

I'm a HUGE craftsy fan! I've got about 18 classes in my queue... I need to sign up for Terry White's class. That one should be awesome~!

DeAnna said...

Thanks Gene for posting this information. I've signed up for several of the freebie classes to try them I look everyday to see what interests me.