Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Slashed, Cut and On Fire!

Did that title get your attention?  Ha ha, that was my intention.

Saturday I gave you a peek at the project I am working on.  This week I haven't been overly productive but I do have a little to show.
I finished the top of the Stitch N Slash pillow.  It is quilted and now just needs a back and stuffing.
I have to say that I find this to be a fun technique.  The part where you start slashing away some of the upper layers is very satisfying to me.  While it is somewhat planned, there are still some surprises along the way.   I also love the abstract nature of the designs that are revealed.  On this piece, I sewed, couched threads, slashed fabric away, sewed decorative stitches and finally quilted it all.  I think it will make a very nice pillow.

Now what do you think this is?

It is somewhat odd looking piled up this way.   Let me lay out a few pieces and show you.

These are pieces that will be sewn onto some  scarves/stoles for our church choir.  I am making these stoles for the choir to wear on Pentecost Sunday.  The actual stole will be red- the liturgical color for Pentecost.  The flames represent the fire of the Holy Spirit.   Since our choir robes are black with a white surplice over it we needed some red to fit the occasion.
I originally planned to embroider the flame design, but after sewing out the sample I realized that it would be too work intensive to get them done in time.

I realize that I have been rather quiet lately.  I do apologize.  My life has been busy.  Hopefully it will be "normal" again soon.


Linda C said...

Gene, is this done sort of like Molas but with raw edges? I like the patterning you came up with!

Pat said...

Those stoles will be wonderful. Be sure to get pictures when they are worn! Love the other piece you showed today, too.

Barbara said...

Methinks your American Indian heritage is breaking through, reminds me of some of those colorful designs. Lovely!

DeAnna said...

Great pillow. I too love the abstract look! The colors are fantastic!

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Your pillow top is beautiful! I hope you will take a picture of the stole once it is complete.

Rhonda said...

That pillow is fabulous. Well done Gene.

Beth said...

That pillow looks awesome. I got the flames....I hope we will get to see the finished project.

Tangos Treasures said...

Love the pillow!! I didn't know you were Pentecostal.That's me too!!