Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Horse of a Different Color

Creative block can affect the best of us.  What do you do to deal with it? Do you have fall back plans?  Do you have a "creativity file" to look in for ideas you have wanted to pursue?

Some days, I just can't find a creative way to get moving.  I was having one of those moments today.  So I did some cleaning/organizing.  I found a piece of paper that had an idea for an art piece on it.  I think it was a creative spark for me.  Then I said the magic words "What if....???"  You did know that those words are magic didn't you? They seem to open all sorts of creative options.

What if I took that background piece I made and then didn't know where to go with it...

- what if I did a fusible applique using this idea on top of it?  What if....what if???

One of the classes I am taking on Craftsy is Handstitched Collage Quilts by Laura Wasilowski.  In the class  she teaches how to make a transfer using release paper and a sharpie.  I did some digital editing and created a pattern the size I wanted. Then I made a transfer and got the design on my pre-fused fabric.

I cut out all of the pieces.  I had to iron my background piece again as it was "stored away" and got wrinkled.
Then I started fuse tacking the pieces down.  Soon I had it all tacked in place and was ready to steam set it.
I put the horse on the background at an angle and then trimmed the background piece to level him out.
I call it "Horse of a different Color" - I may do a series. Yesterday I did some ironing and finally heat set some of the paint dyed fabrics I created.  I am thinking one of those would be a great background for one of these horses.  And that horse may be a different color altogether!
Maybe this has broken the creative block.  I have some fabrics that are looking for a project.  Stay tuned!


Elaine said...

Well that blew up your block. Love it! I returned to quilting 3 yrs ago and have been up to my eyebrows with patterns and projects. I am finally doing a quilt of my own (except for the pattern for the ML Weidman cow) and the creative juices are making a river in my life-so much fun. Love looking at all the things you do, Gene.

Barbara said...

Wow, what if I love this?!

Barbara said...

Both my grand daughter and I love horses. This is SO great. Why didn't I think of this?? lol AS you can read here, when I hit a block I check the internet. There is always some thing that starts the creative juice in my brain.

Rhonda said...

This looks like a great project. I can't wait to see what's next. Crafty is a wonderful teaching tool!!

Belinda said...

Whoa horsey!! That turned out great Gene!! What an amazing idea. :)

Vicki W said...

Cleaning my studio is always my first step in dealing with a creative slump. That's usually all it takes! It sure worked for you.

Beth said...

My favorite kind of of a different color. Your background is so much fun, then add the horse. so cool. Great idea.