Monday, June 24, 2013

More FMQ and Update on Classes

While there is still quite a bit to go, I have made good progress on my free-motion quilting class quilt.  I am learning that some of the designs work better for me than others.  Those that don't work as well probably would just require more practice.  Anyway, here it is for you to see.

I have been showing some of my paintings here also.  From the comments I get the idea that you think it is all "talent."  But honestly most people can learn to paint.   And now Craftsy is offering classes in fine art, both drawing and painting.   You may want to check out some of these classes.
Craftsy Fine Art
· Craftsy Perspective in Landscape Drawing  taught by Patrick Connors
· Craftsy Acrylic Landscape Painting  taught by Bennett Vadnais
· Craftsy Portraits in Watercolor  taught by Matt Rota
· Craftsy Drawn to Painting  taught by Rob Zeller


Unknown said...

Awesome job! :)

Jean said...

The quilting looks great, but I don't agree that anyone can paint, unless you are talking about walls....I can handle that!

Average Quilter said...

Practice make perfect. Looks good to me

Beth said...

Looks like practice does make perfect. Looking good Gene.

Elaine said...

You are right, Gene. I used to teach art a high school art class. Usually my best students were the ones who "knew they couldn't draw". The hardest students to teach were those who thought they could-they were not as open to new ways of doing things as the others. Nice quilting!

Barb said...

I would love to learn to paint...thanks for the links

Barbara said...

Branching out and learning what works with FMQ that's best for you. It all looks great to me!