Saturday, June 22, 2013

Retro Saturday

On June 22 of 2006, my blog was in its infancy.  I had just started blogging at on June 4 of 2006.
Here is my post from this date in 2006.  While I do much more quilting and sewing than painting now, it is still a form of creation.  I am sure it makes me more than I am.
Busy-ness and Creation
I have been busy lately doing little odds and ends. I have some paintings started using some experimental techniques. Making starts is a fun thing to do. The work comes in making them into finished pieces. The great thing is that when you have a passion for something even the work part of it can be fun.
I am excited about my "starts" so turning them into real art will be a joy. I do have a passion for painting. Thus the work is fun, joyful and sometimes ecstasy. But to be true and fair, I must say that sometimes it is agony and frustration. The secret is that out of the agony and frustration comes glory. Why? Because when we create we become more than we are. We become one with the universe and the creator (or forces of creation, if you choose.) Personally, I believe in a Creator. That is my belief and I am not ashamed of it. When I am one with the Creator, I have joy.

Whatever you believe, I hope that when you create joy is yours also.
Also, let me share a picture of a painting from that time period. 
Morning Magic
This is titled - Morning Magic 
While it is abstract, I see a brilliant fiery sunrise in the background with a couple of tree branches crossing the view. Hiding among the leaves of the tree are bluebirds. These birds are singing and rejoicing in a perfect sunrise. It is a new day. Rejoice.


Belinda said...

Wow Gene. Another amazing work. I'm not a big fan of abstract, but I too can see the tree branch and birds so it makes it much more fun to me. :) Thanks for sharing it again for those of us who didn't know you back then. :)

Royce said...

Beautiful panting Gene, I love abstracts they seem to have a door into another dimension. They seem to show more than just your art, they show a part of the artist.
You have been blogging a long time. I often wonder if my blog is worth the time I put into it and have though several times of letting it go. I'm so glad you have kept blogging. I really enjoy seeing your art.

Barb said...

I always always love your paintings.

Tangos Treasures said...


Beth said...

I saw the birds!!! I did. I love the rich, vibrant colors. You are multi-talented for sure.

Jennifer said...

Wow Gene I'm impressed:)

~Laurie~ said...

I love the painting! Isn't it fun to look back and see what we were?