Saturday, July 13, 2013

1001 -Really?

I passed a milestone. I wasn't looking at the time.  Has it been that long or have I just been chatty?
The honest truth is that I am amazed that anyone shows up to read my posts.  But show up you do!
There are 435 followers by GFC and even more by email and Bloglovin'. There there are those that get there from FaceBook.
In the past seven days, I have had 694 views.  WOW!  I know that in the grand scheme of things, that is actually pretty small, but still, it makes me happy.

I have been working on a project trying to at least get to the stage where I want to show it.  I am not there yet. I have lots of scattered seed stitches to do.  Here is a peek with some that I have done on it already.
Oh - that milestone I mentioned - I passed a THOUSAND posts.
Actually one of those is still a draft. This post is actually the one thousand and first post that is published.

There is a giveaway coming in conjunction with the above quilt.  I am itching to post it already....but I am forcing myself to wait until I finish all those stitches.  So hold tight, and don't forget to come back when the next post is up. Because, who doesn't like a giveaway?   I know I love them-and as some of you know, I have won a few. In fact when my order arrives I will show you something.  I won a gift certificate and promptly spent it (and a few dollars more.....) Part of it will be the beginnings of one of my next quilts.

Comments are welcomed. I will reply when possible unless otherwise stated.


A.J. Dub. (Amy) said...

Your pic made me want a chocolate cupcake with Sprinkles. :D

Congrats on the big numbers!

Beth said...

Congrats on the big 1000. I haven't been around for all of them, but I sure have enjoyed your posts since I started folowing.

Rhonda said...

A double whoot to you Gene. 1000 posts...this is great!!

Unknown said...

Wow congratulations Gene.....kudos to you my friend...and why not you always have good things to say.....

Stephanie Hughes said...

Congrats Gene! Your my hero. Amazing job and lots of wonderful pics of your art work. Keep posting to 2000!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your 1001 post and the sneek peek looks very interesting :)

(smjohns63 at yahoo dot com)