Friday, July 05, 2013

A Different Color And a Teaser

My Horse of a Different Color is one stage closer to completion.  I stopped in at a store, Wednesday and got the navy tulle that I needed to cover the piece.  This helps prevent all the raw edges in the background from fraying.  So I covered it and quilted it.  Echoing seemed the logical quilting pattern, so I echoed the horse.  Then I decided that I needed a bit of stitching on the horse so, I took a contrasting thread -with a bit of an almost metallic shine and echoed the edges from the inside. I also added just a touch of thread painting to the tail and mane.
Linking this up 

I also started another project that I am not ready to show just yet. But I will give you a couple of small peeks at it.

The lighter is actually a mint green Aurifil wool thread.
The darker green is an Aurifil cotton thread. 
This is one that will have a good bit of hand stitching on it.  It is also made with hand dyed fabrics.  Maybe when I get it finished (or at least the hand stitching completed) I will have a surprise for you?  How many of you have worked with hand dyed fabrics?  Those of you who haven't, would you want to try hand dyed fabrics?

Comments are welcomed. I will reply when possible unless otherwise stated.


Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Gorgeous work!! I have worked a little with hand dyed fabric and really enjoyed it.

Rhonda said...

Gene, are you saying that there is tolle or however you spell it, on top of the horse block?? I can't see it and WOW, how cool is that!!

Beth said...

I have only used hand dyed fabric from my class with Laura Waslowski. I love them.
The thread painting on the horse is so beautiful.

Barbara said...

i love hand dyed fabric SO much that it hurts when I cut it. I think if I had more of it, it would hurt less.

Royce said...

Love your horse Gene - what a cool idea. Looks great! I am really curious about the hand stitching project. I love the look of hand stitching and the hand dyed fabrics are just beautiful. I have done a small project with them before. I don't fully trust my hand dyed to put in a quilt but for a little wall hanging I was ok with it. I don't trust my own dyeing to not fade/bleed. I do need to learn more about it. Like Barbara I horde the hand dyed I have bought - in my mind it's for petting and looking at - I'll get over it one day.