Saturday, July 20, 2013


This morning I posted my plan to complete two quilted journals or notebooks.  I like to use a basic "Composition Book" for the inside. That way, it is easy to find a refill when the journal is full. The Composition Book can be labeled and filed away as the new one is started.

Here are the fronts of the two I completed.
And here are the backs.

Of course if the owner chooses, it is a simple matter to take out the notebook and switch the front and back.  I do love "crazy piecing" or "free piecing" these covers.  They are always one of a kind.  I did two different types of quilting on them also.  On the leftmost one, I did free form free-motion quilting - that is, I didn't stick to a design but just had fun with it.  On the right-hand one,  I used a walking foot for a different look.   It is fun to try different things on small pieces like this.
I still have some pre-pieced bits ready to cover the other two notebooks. I don't know if I will finish those two this weekend or not.  It is also good to save leftover pre-pieced bits for other projects. I think of them as seeds for another project. And like seeds, some times you keep them until the next "season" before you plant them.
Do you have any way that you have starter pieces for new projects or do you always cut into "fresh" fabric for a project?
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Barbara said...

Catching up here, and this is the Gene I form piecing and fun with quilting. Indeed, no two alike. I love that one on the left!

Rhonda said...

Great covers. As for fabrics....I use scraps a lot but I have no problem cutting into a new fabric or yardage.

Barbara said...

Great idea, especially with school time coming. I usually start with fresh fabric, but love things like this were I can us the odds and ends. I think I will try this idea. Thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

Nice Gene....I like both of them but the one on the right just shouts out "Hello" nice job

Holee said...

Really nice and so quickly made. I have blocks that often do not end up in a project that I cut up for projects like this. I also like to use the selvage in this kind of project. The words just give it that extra little something.

Vicki W said...

Love them!

Unknown said...

love them, they look great

Beth said...

Great notebook covers.
I have not tried making fabric from scraps yet. Sometimes I have to "study" on things a long time before jumping in. Kinda like the high dive. LOL