Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New classes

From Ann Petersen's New Class Video
If you are as intimidated by curves as I am, maybe WE should take this class!

I just thought I would tell you that Craftsy has some new classes starting today, July 24, 2013.
        • Quilting:
Playing with Curves by Ann Petersen
New Directions in Lace by Romi (Rosemary) Hill
Fashion Draping: Bias Design by Paul Gallo
Cake Decorating:
Classic Car, Timeless Techniques by Mike McCarey

They seem to be adding new classes on a regular basis.  This is a great learning platform. 

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Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

I have taken several Craftsy classes and have enjoyed each one. I'm definitely going to have to take the one on curves!

Snoodles said...

That one looks like a great one for a design I am currently working on...maybe then my project will look just as nice as I envision it!

Rhonda said...

Oh boy, curves.....I'll sure think about taking that class.