Saturday, July 27, 2013

Summer Lazies - But I did something!

I confess that I have a case of the "summer lazies."  The heat this year seems to be affecting me worse than usual.  That just means that I have been a little less productive.  However,  I have not been idle.  I have been watching classes on both Craftsy and The Quilt Show.

For a couple of evenings this week, I watched Design It, Quilt It - with Cindy Needham as the instructor.  I have had this class for some time.  The truth is, I watched the lessons on basting and starting.  When she said you have to ditch quilt ESS (every stinkin' seam)  I stopped watching. Yikes!  I hate doing ditch quilting.  But this week I just skipped forward, choosing a lesson of feathers. I liked it.  I really liked it!  So I watched more lessons in the evenings while I was decompressing from my work day. There is a technique she calls scribbling. It really compresses the surface so that the other elements pop forward.
Then I watched some various background designs. Cindy does lots of wholecloth quilts. They are amazing.  I haven't got to amazing with my quilting just yet.  But I continue to work on it.

I had made these two notebook covers, so I used them as practice pieces. I showed my doodles on one in a previous post. Thursday night, after making some food for a work celebration for a co-worker who just got her doctorate, I quilted on the second one.  I had already done some of it.  the machine was still loaded with the lovely Aurifil 50 wt thread that I used on both of them.
I had a big "loose" flower that needed some extra quilting to make it lay flatter and look more interesting.
I added both wavy lines and straight lines.
I also added the circles in the echo space around the applique.
Another really cool fun quilting technique is scribbling.  So I scribbled a bit to surround the flower.

Then this morning, Saturday, I constructed the covers for a couple of fun finishes!

I couldn't decide which picture I liked best so - I am posting both of them.

I am linking up with Richard and Tanya for Link-a-finish Friday.  (I am only a day late!)

Oh yes!  Did you know that Craftsy has supplies?  Through the 28th there is a sale on supplies.  Twenty percent off  AND free shipping (USA) for orders over $75.  There is also 20% off shipping for Canadian residents - and that is in addition to the 20% off the supplies!

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Barb said...

Love your covers....

Teresa in Music City said...

I've got a few Craftsy classes in the hopper for quite a while now - I need to remember to go watch them! Your covers turned out really cute :*)

Barbara said...

The one on the left!

Beth said...

Your covers are little works of art. Anyone would love them.
I have been watching some of my Craftsy classses too.
Today looks like a great day to be lazy. LOL So that is my plan.

Jean(ie) said...

Those journal covers are just so cool! Yay you! I know how hot it gets down your way. I wouldn't be sewing a whole lot either.