Saturday, July 20, 2013

Weekend Sewing Plans

This weekend I have one goal.  I have some Notebooks that I am covering with quilted covers. I have four but I have to finish two of them .  Once I get going I am pretty sure I will finish all four. Ha ha.

I though I would share a little of my process for this.  I arrange my area with:

  • Sewing machine
  • cutting surface
  • ironing surface
  • pile of scraps and pieces. These may be as large as a fat eighth or as small as a half dollar. In the picture below you may see some charm squares, some precut triangles and some various width strips. I occasionally take a larger piece and cut random width strips.
Pile of scraps
Then I start sewing scraps and pretty bits of fabric together. 

Now, lets look closely at that bottom piece.
Those edges don't line up at all!  That doesn't slow me down at all when I am working this way.  In fact I just grab a piece and sew it on.  I can lay another piece over that edge and as long as I leave a good seam allowance, I can then trim it later (but prior to ironing the seam!) That is how I build up these wildly scrappy pieces. I do like to repeat a fabric at least once although I can cut through a piece and insert a strip to take care of that. 
Here is one notebook cover front that is mostly finished.
The light blue/aqua strip crosses the center so that it will show both back and front.  You see in this that I cut some random width strips, sewed them together, crosscut the sewed piece and re-sewed it to make a patchwork. 

I am sharing this post on Vicki Welsh's "Weekend Plans" post. If you do a weekend plans post you can share and enter to win a fat quarter of her hand dyed fabric!

Comments are welcomed. I will reply when possible unless otherwise stated.

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Teresa Quilts said...

Hi, Gene! I was wondering how you did these. I want more details, of course. LOL Love your covers!