Saturday, August 17, 2013

Another one

The notebook covers are so much fun, and I bought a lot of notebooks to use for this during "tax free weekend" so I am making another one.   There will be a tutorial eventually.  For now I am planning it each time I make one of these.
So, remember the khaki's that I cut up to recycle? Remember that I did embroidery on two pieces?  Here is one of those that I am using for this.
I started with plan to do a few rounds of log cabin strips around the embroidery.  Oops!  It was too large for that! Instead it is framed with colors that are near to the colors in the design. I did those, measured, and said " is too close to add more log cabin."  I simply added a bit more of the khaki to the top and bottom -most of that will disappear once it is put together.
I then added more khaki for the back of the cover.

Nothing fancy there! You may notice that seam in the khaki back---I was watching a movie and got a bit aggressive with the trimming. I just sewed a chunk back on and trimmed again.
You will notice that I remembered to quilt this one BEFORE construction. I have to laugh at myself about that mistake on the last one.  I do this simple quilting with the open toe embroidery foot on my machine. I just "wiggle" the fabric around to make the lines wavy, stopping at the points and pivoting the cover.  You can quilt it any way you desire.
Next up, I will choose the lining fabric and the fabric for the inside "pockets" that hold the notebook in the cover.   I think this has enough khaki in it. Since the khaki is thicker fabric I don't want to use more than one layer of it, as a general rule.  Why? It makes the cover too thick.
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Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Another beautiful creation!!

Barbara said...

These are basically little quilts, creative yet so quick and satisfying. Also useful...couldn't be better!

Beth said...

I just think that embroidery is so beautiful. How cool would it be to have art on your notebook cover.