Wednesday, August 07, 2013

More about Me

Quilters, I know that this may seem slightly odd to you...but I also know that some of you add beads or charms to your keep reading!

I don't know how many of you realize that I have made jewelry.  Creating pretty things is a passion.
Some  of my favorite things to make in jewelry are bracelets and pendants.
I construct the beads and pendants from polymer clay using techniques I have learned and developed. Once I started making the beads and pendants, I realized that I needed supplies to string them and I also needed clasps.  So I did some research and found a great vendor - Fire Mountain Beads.
They have lots of great sales - Like the Blowout shown in the above link.  
They also have mix and match quantity pricing.  What that means is that most things have a set of prices depending on how much you buy. But if you are buying one of an expensive item and several inexpensive items you can get the lower price on the expensive item too.  I hope that makes sense. 
One of these is $8.24  But if I get 15 the price drops to $7.85
So how about if I also add some of these that are $1.29---lets add 14 of them. 

Now...let me see my cart

You can see that I got the "expensive" crystals at the lower price even though I only got one of them.  I also save .06 cents on the less expensive crystals.  In other words, I get the lower price on everything!  In this small example it doesn't look like a lot.  But if you were buying more items it adds up quickly. 
Now how about shipping? 

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads 
Yes indeed.  a flat rate of $5 to any US zip code.  The weight doesn't matter. Fire Mountain will choose the fastest ground shipping to your location.  Of course if you need faster shipping that is available also. 
I have been very happy with everything I have ordered from them.  One more great thing is the return policy.
Pretty awesome, huh?

And if anyone happens to be interested in my bracelets, pendants or even some loose hand made beads, just let me know. I will give you a great price. 

Comments are welcomed. I will reply when possible unless otherwise stated. Foolishly posted "hate speech" comments will be swiftly removed.


Teresa Quilts said...

I used to get their catalog, but never ordered anything from them. I was confused at how to get the lower price. Thank you for explaining this!

Holee said...

You sure are a busy person! How large are your beads? I've shopped at fire mountain many times for beads I use in crazy quilting. I have never made beads but I do use polymer clay to make items for my doll houses. It makes great bowls/dishes and food items that look real.

I ordered the table today. My son can make the insert on a laser at work. He has already made one. He cut out an old table for my machine and filled the gap with an insert to fit my feather weight. Thanks for introducing me to the tables!

Barbara said...

Reminds me of how I never buy anything at JoAnns and the craft shops without using a coupon! The deals are there in most places, just have to know about them. I know you make beads (I have used some in my work that you generously sent) and our pendants are especially nice!

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Your beads are beautiful! You are such a creative person. I think there are many of us quilters that have more than one hobby.

Beth said...

I almost forgot you made jewelry. Those beads are beautiful.