Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sale Alert

I really should have told you about this earlier.   Vicki Welsh has a sale on her hand-dyed gradient fabrics. They are normally $9 for a half yard.  However, until Monday they are $7.50.  So this is a great time to try them.
Let me show you some of them.
This one is called Morning Glory
It is a beautiful play of color from hot to cool tones.  Yes, I ordered a half yard.

How about this one called Festival (there is only one left in stock as I write this) I bought a full yard of this one because it looks so versatile (and fun) to me.
Then this one called Anatola
Can you imagine a sunset or sunrise here - that is what I see immediately. I had to have some.

There are many others also. I am sure you can find something you can't live without.  (ha ha)

Disclaimer: I am posting this of my own accord. Vicki has not asked me to post it or provided me with any compensation for doing so.

I don't have any immediate plans for these, but it was a great price.  My favorite uses of the hand dyed fabrics include making things like these:
Kindle Cover
Convergence quilt
House in the Valley art quilt

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Barb said...

Beautiful fabrics...thanks for the heads up.

Eat Sleep Quilt said...

Beautiful fabrics and beautiful quilts! The one on the left "looks" like you :o)

Barbara said...

These are GORGEOUS! Love the kindle cover.