Sunday, September 15, 2013

Angels Among Us

The 2013 Quilt Angels project is underway.   I decided to add a page with some information and links to past posts.  The tab is there at the top right next to the Home tab.

The quilts to be at least 45 by 60, but a little bigger would be better. Fabric should be gender neutral as the shelter houses both boys and girls and the ratio changes. As these are teens, bright colors will probably be best, but I will leave it to your discretion and wisdom. As for pattern, your choice, I don't mind if it is simple.  Please insure that these are sturdy as I am sure they will get lots of use and washing.  Binding by machine is fine -and faster!   We do ask that you put a label on the quilt. It doesn't have to have your name but your state is really important. I have seen the amazement in young eyes that someone from __whatever state__ cared enough to make and send a quilt.

We have sponsors for prizes this year.
 Our first sponsor for this year is none other than the talented Vicki Welsh.  The hand dyed fabrics from Vicki's shop are a delight to work with. I use them for fused art quilts, but they are also excellent for pieced quilts or any other fabric use.  Vicki is giving a Stash Pack of fabric from her Etsy store as a prize that will go to one of the people who send a quilt to the Quilt Angels project.
A sampling of the available stash packs
Our second sponsor is SewFunQuilts.  The winner will be able to choose the jelly roll of his/her choice from the shop.
A sampling of the available jelly rolls
And our famous anonymous sponsor from the past two years will be giving a gift certificate or two to an online store. More details on that later.  I also have another online shop who has contacted me about sponsoring. When I have all the details you will be hearing all about it

Meanwhile I have started a quilt for the project.  I am doing a simple Strip Quilt from the book "First Steps in Free Motion Quilting"  I think this will be a go-to quick quilt top for me.
I will probably be adding borders to the sides using the quilt-as-you-go method that I use so often.
Here is the current top.
This is nice and gender neutral.  I love the spaces that I will have for practicing free motion quilting on this top.

If you wish to join in the project email me at gene AT gmail dOt com or leave a comment. If I don't reply to your comment, it is most likely because you are a no-reply blogger.  (you can leave a comment without joining the project - just so you know. )


Comments are welcomed. I will reply when possible unless otherwise stated. Foolishly posted "hate speech" comments will be swiftly removed.

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