Saturday, September 14, 2013

Looming, a sale and a reminder

Just thought I would show you a quick picture of the piece that I am working on.  It will be a somewhat narrow scarf.

I love the way this yarn is making such a pretty tweed effect.  The colors are soft and expressive.  Since the piece is narrow and the stick shuttles that came with the loom are  long; I decided to use a cardboard piece that I cut out as my shuttle. It is working surprisingly well.

There is a great sale at Craftsy this weekend.  Take advantage of the Craftsy sale to try one of their classes, starting at $9.99. The sale begins on Saturday, September 14th and runs through Saturday, September 21st. 
There are classes on so many different things. Cake Decorating, Jewelry,Paper Crafts, Home & Garden, Spinning, Weaving, Fine Art,Photography, Embroidery, Food & Cooking, Crocheting, Knitting, Quilting and Sewing.  Now isn't that a list!
Find a class you love and buy it at a bargain price.

I also wanted to remind you that the Quilt Angels project is going on for 2013.  We are still looking for both quilt donations and sponsors for prizes.  Our first sponsor for this year is none other than the talented Vicki Welsh.  The hand dyed fabrics from Vicki's shop are a delight to work with. I use them for fused art quilts, but they are also excellent for pieced quilts or any other fabric use.  Vicki is giving a Stash Pack of fabric from her Etsy store as a prize that will go to one of the people who send a quilt to the Quilt Angels project.
This is just a sampling of the choices the winner may choose. You can drool over all stash packs at Vicki's Etsy store. 
If you can donate a quilt to this great cause, just contact by by leaving a comment.  I answer all the comments unless you are a no-reply blogger. So if you are a "no reply blogger" then include your email in the comment.

Now go forth and create something amazing! Have a wonderful weekend.

Comments are welcomed. I will reply when possible unless otherwise stated. Foolishly posted "hate speech" comments will be swiftly removed.


Marjorie said...

The colors in that scarf are scrumptious. What fun you are having with the loom. And I love Vicki's fabrics too. They're so pretty, it's hard to cut into them :)

Barbara said...

The looms make fast work of weaving! I am still using my box, but am enjoying the meditative over/under process. I've traded my cardboard shuttle for a long plastic needle type gadget. It's much easier doing the over/ under, but then I must pull the yarn all the way through (like sewing with a needle and thread). Funny though, I'm not minding that. I just don't seem to be in a hurry and am enjoying the process. Yours is beautiful Gene, so professional looking! Mine look a bit like grade school projects. Lol

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

I love the colors in your scarf! You seem to really be enjoying weaving. I'm off to check out the sale.

Pat said...

Love the colors in that scarf you are making!!!

Beth said...

Oh the colors on that scarf are just so beautiful.You are doing such a great job. I can't believe you have just started weaving.

Barbara Arcement said...

I see you are having fun with your loom. Love the colors for this scarf. you are doing a great job!

Regina said...

Hi Gene,

I emailed you earlier in the year that I would donate a quilt for Quilt Angels and that is still a go. A friend is going to also donate a quilt, Stevie Breit. We will both work on both quilts but you can list one quilt under each name. Let me know if this doesn't make sense. hahahaha.